Welcome to Bohol Island


Bohol is a great island for people who are interested in doing things other than lying on a beautiful white sand beach. Don't get me wrong because if that is what you would like to do, then Bohol has more than it's fair share of amazingly tropical beaches. With numerous islands surrounding Bohol Island, in fact there are 73 Bohol islands, you should not have to much trouble finding one that meets your requirements.

Where is Bohol Island? Bohol is a province in the Central Visayas Region located in the Philippines. Bohol is surrounded by other islands in the Visayas. It is bounded by Camotes Sea on the north, Siquijor and Camiguin Islands on the south, Leyte and Surigao on the east and the province of Cebu on the west. Since Bohol is surrounded by some very large islands it is very lucky to miss the majority of the typhoons and heavy rain periods. The climate here is typically tropical, along the coast tends to be dry and warm with the rolling hills of the interior being cooler but more humid.There are 73 islands in total with Bohol being the tenth largest in the Philippines Archipelago.The capital of Bohol is Tagbilaran City which is the main entry point for visitors, daily flights from Cebu and Manila land here. The Tagbilaran City Port attracts passenger and cargo vessels alike, it is the main commercial port in Bohol and is where the large ferries arrive from all over the Philippines.Tagbilaran City is the commercial hub of Bohol and from Tagbilaran tourists leave en mass to see it's wonders.

What to do on Bohol? Bohol Chocolate HillsBohol would have to be best known for the Bohol Chocolate Hills and no you cannot eat them! These incredible dome like hills have been the main Bohol attraction for some time, rightly so too, they are quite a sight. Scuba DivingBohol also offers some of the best scuba diving in the Philippines. If you are not into scuba diving don't despair because off the Bohol beaches to the south are some of the best snorkeling you will ever find.Have a look here for scuba diving sites in Bohol. Philippine TarsierBohol Philippines, is also home to the worlds smallest primate the Tarsier only stands 15 centimeters in height. They are nocturnal and love insects, so living in the jungle is just perfect for them. Do take the time to visit the Tarsier. Blood CompactTagbilaran City is the provincial capital of Bohol and in the Barangay (municipality) of Bool is the site of the first Blood Compact between the Filipinos and the Spanish in 1565. This treaty was a sign of friendship between the two nations and was to assist in building a common future. I suppose history dictates what has happened since.ChurchesThere is also some great Spanish architecture to be seen, old churches like the Baclayon Church in Baclayon, said to be the oldest stone church in the Philippines. Also the Punta Cruz in Maribojoc just west of Tabilaran, an old watchtower, was used to defend against pirates is worth a look, you can get some fantastic views over to Cebu and further south.CavesBohol is well known for it's caves, with a good proportion of them being unexplored. It is said that there is about 30 caves for every town and since there are 47 towns on Bohol that makes a lot of caves.On the north east of Panglao Island, the Hinagdanan Cave has some good stalagmites and stalactites "growing" from the ceiling and the base of the cave trying to meet as one. Whale WatchingThe Mindanao Sea to the south of Bohol has whales just about year round. You can access this treasure trove of natures wonder via tours from Alona Beach on Panglao Island. The most consistent time of the year for seeing these magnificent creatures is between April and July.